Here’s a few of my web site projects. Full disclaimer, most of these sites are just splash pages and/or very old. I’ve decided to slowly start building them again, I even purchased a few older domains (from past projects) that were still available.

  • GitHub – Some of my source code projects for my robotics and php books as well as other things I get an idea or two about.
  • ScottsBots.Com – All my robotics related items. (Moving Here Soon)
  • GrandviewAve.Com – A local site of Grandview Avenue listing all businesses, events and parking.
  • ScottsChevelle.Com – A website about my car, a little more detailed than the quick post I might do here. (Moving Here Soon)
  • BbqClock.Com – An app to collect and share BBQ Times for your favorite meats. Coming Soon!
  • ThorsHammerGame.Com / AreYouWorthy.App – An app for an experimental React Native project to test if you’re worthy to hold Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer). Link to the app in Apple’s App Store.
  • DriveTimeApp.Com – An app to help you find the fastest drive time when traffic gets in your way of going to work or coming home. Coming Soon!
  • Scotts3D.Com – For awhile I had 3D Printing Kits, Now it just links to an Etsy Store.
  • Snagr.Com – Webcam Motion Capture Project.

That’s it for now. Enjoy!

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