Miscellaneous Robots & Videos

Here’s a few robots and videos from 2007 to 2009.

CRAB Robot Diagnostic

This is a small robot I hooked up to my PC and I added some TTS (Text-To-Speech). I think this is around 2007, so it’s pretty old footage. For anyone that recognizes it, this is the same J.A.R.V.I.S. voice I use for my house and during my CodeMash talks.

Same robot but doing some computer vision. I ended up using blue because of the low light and the cheap webcam tended to make everything green & red.

Feynman Series – Navigating The Sidewalk

Little bit more coding than I thought to make this work. This is a smaller version of the Feynman Series robot, the Feynman Jr. series. I ended up using some different motors as well, two NPC-2212 with 6″ wheels. Turns out it was a very rough ride, eventually the webcam servo mount broke because of the shock.

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