What’s Old Is New Again – App Store

I decided last night to renew my Apple Developer Account and decided to work on apps again. As a result my old App came back to the App Store. This app is the “Are You Worthy?” App, which is basically a Magic 8 Ball to test to see if you’re worthy of wielding Thor’s Hammer, Mjolnir. Nothing fancy just for fun.

I also decided to build a new app as the last time I did anything with React-Native and Apps was 2018. I pulled a website and idea I was going to build in 2011 back out of the archives. It’s called DriveTime App. The idea of this app is really just designed to track trips to work, see which ways are faster if and when there’s traffic on your favorite route. For me there’s several alternatives and back-ways to get to and from work, this app just lets me track those routes and pick the fastest one should a delay occur.

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