Why I moved to Git from SVN.

I’ve resisted moving to Git for a year or so. Why? No compelling reason why. In fact all the reasons for using it were like:

  • it’s distributed
  • there’s GitHub
  • it’s the latest cool thing
  • all the cool kids are doing it

The last reason (cool kids) is probably the main reason for my resistance. I don’t like to follow the heard. I don’t like to do it just because everyone else is doing it. I especially don’t like to do things just for lame reasons or poorly supported reasons, or reasons without a compelling WHY?

Eventually I heard one compelling reason: It saves you time because you don’t need to switch context or have multiple workspaces copies in order to work on a branch or experiment with some code.

In all the talk about Git I’ve realized something very troubling in the software community, they are very bad at explaining WHY and have a tendency to always just explain WHAT.