VPS Woes

So for some time I had a reseller account at HostGator. The problem I had with this was eventually they put so many sites / re-seller accounts on the server that it (my site) was down often enough where I spent more time contacting support, than I did having to manage my domain. So I moved to a VPS.

Now I am on a VPS at PowerVPS. The problem now is that the root node is constantly getting overloaded and my site is once again VERY SLOW. I need to send them tickets about twice a week to have them fix the issue, so my VPS will come back to life and be responsive.

What to do? What are my options:

  • Go back to reseller – No, still too slow and over subscription
  • Another VPS – Perhaps, but there still might be server and over-subscription issues.
  • Dedicated Server – Perhaps, but there will be more time setting up, I will need to get something with RAID and  and it will be much more expensive.
  • Hybrid – Interesting, The ideas is to keep a basic site for cpanel and management, then update the DNS for the WWW record to point to another server where I can ensure performance, ie a dedicated machine or a cloud server from Rackspace.

I think I am going to try Hybrid for now, see how it goes.