The 2010 Rose Bowl: Ohio State vs. Oregon

OSU Offense vs. Oregon Defense

Ohio State does not have a good offense. They have consistently ranked at the bottom of the national scene for the past 3-4 years. That being said they should at least be able to score 17 points on Oregon. Advantage Oregon.

OSU Defense vs. Oregon Offense

Ohio State has always had a good defense; over the past few years the D-Line has not been able to contain a faster more imaginative offensive game plan. This year they should be able to get more pressure and force an interception or two. Advantage OSU.


Ohio State’s been off for a long time, if they don’t stop Oregon early, it could get out of hand. Ohio State needs to keep Oregon to 14 points by half-time.

Prediction #1 – Jim Tressel Gets Imaginative

To everyone’s surprise, it’s not the same Ohio State Team. OSU is able to score throughout the game and their defense is able to hold Oregon to under 24 points. Ohio State wins, 31-27.

Prediction #2 – Same OSU Bowl Outcome

OSU will score first. But be too slow to react to a great game plan. The offense will just putter and the game will be out of hand by half-time. Oregon wins, 45-13.