Skyrim Character Builder Tips

I love Skyrim. The best part about Skyrim is the ability to customize your character just the way you like it. Here’s some tips I’ve picked up.

Race (I usually just play with these three)

  • Wood Elf – Thief / Archer
  • High Elf – Wizard
  • Nord – Fighter


  • Alteration – Don’t use much.
  • Conjuration – Great for summoning helpers fight things off.
  • Destruction – Great for killing lots of things.
  • Illusion – Don’t use much.
  • Restoration – Don’t use much (rather just purchase potions)


  • Archery – Use if an archer, abandon otherwise.
  • Block – I’d rather just keep swinging
  • Heavy Armor – Passive, use of you’re a fighter
  • Light Armor – Passive, use of your a thief
  • One Handed – I don’t use since I just bash as much as I can.
  • Two Handed – Kill just about everything you can with this one.


  • Lockpicking – Pretty Good to have, though I’ve found most picks are easy enough with practice.
  • Pickpocket – Not used much.
  • Sneak – Used with the thief a lot.
  • Alchemy – I want to use this, but I can never find enough cool ingredients to keep going.
  • Enchanting – This is something fun.
  • Smithing – I’d just rather buy something vs. carry around all that heavy material.
  • Speech – Passive just get lots of loot and pay an extra couple of GP.