Perfecting Lazy

Over the past three weeks I have been perfecting one thing, being lazy. Not lazy in the sense where I do nothing, but lazy in a way that we drive cars instead of walk, that we use washing machines instead of washing boards, that we use computers instead of pen and paper.

Some of the things I have done is batching of the following task:

  • Email twice a day, mainly to just check for emails from friends and family.
  • Google Reader in the evening for pleasure reading.
  • Stopped reading news sites, just checkout Google News for sports updates.

I have also stopped multi-tasking and have decided to do just one thing at a time. I always thought I would get more things done by multi-tasking, and well I did, but it was usually four busy things to one important thing. I’ve stopped doing the busy and unimportant, and concentrated on just one thing to do per day that is the most impactful and brings me the most enjoyment.

For more readings checkout The Lazy Manifesto over at