One Project – A Robot Building DVD

I think that this year I am going to try and limit myself to one project at a time, rather than starting three or four and doing them all partially and then getting frustrated at the results.

The whole multi-tasking concept is dead for now. My thinking today is that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well with focus. I use to think that doing more was being more productive, but as I look back, I did more things, but was not more productive, I was just busier, and more stressed.

Currently I am going to do some market research in a Robot Building DVD. The initial concept is to have a how-to DVD and manual that would allow for someone to with a short supply list acquired from the local hobby shop or online robotics shop, to build a robot that does something cool. It’s just an introduction, but I find in all of my robot meetings, there’s a lot of people interested in robotics, but very few have robots to bring in and most just have a desire to learn about robotics.