My Do Not List (!To-Do)

I’ve been working lately on creating a DO NOT LIST, my first few items are below:

  • Do not multi-task, I find that when I do this I end up doing all items half-a$$ed.
  • Do not check email and Google reader all the time. I’ve found this tough to do, I think it’s because I’m so conditioned to doing these things so I “feel” productive, but they actually don’t make me productive, they just fill time.
  • Do not speed through life/the day. Once again to “feel” productive I want to rush home, rush to work, drive to place X the most efficient way possible. All of this optimizing has made me completely loose sight of enjoying the day.
  • Do not spend time on the 80% of things that contribute the least to my life.

So if you’re thinking and wondering about being productive and more efficient, consider creating a “DO NOT LIST” as way to keep yourself in check.