Model 1.5 – An Introduction

What is Model 1.5? Well first it will help to describe Model 1 and Model 2.

Model 1 – This is a web application design pattern for web scripting languages like JSP, ASP, or PHP, that take all the elements of a web application, business logic, data abstraction and connetions, and presentation/layout then puts them into a single page, or script.

Model 2 – This is a web application design pattern that separates the elements into an MVC design pattern, MVC standing for Model View and Controller.

Introducing the Model 1.5 Design Pattern.

This pattern takes the efficiency of model 1, and component of model 2 and combines them into something that is both efficient and maintainable.

What does it look like?

First, the application consist of web pages (scripts) that talk to other web pages and use a set of objects to communicate with the database or encapsulate the business logic.

Second, the application employs functional programming techniques, to share business logic across different web pages or areas of your application.

Third, the database layer is generated and employs a inheritance model that allows for overrides of certain CRUD operations, while at the same time providing application specific functionality and very easy level of maintainability.