Missing OSCON Due To Travel Problems

I’ll be missing OSCON this year because of travel problems. The main thing is my talk is tomorrow, Robotics Programming 101, and my flight from Columbus to Chicago was delayed past when my other flight was due to leave. According to the Southwest Gate Agent at the time, there were no other guaranteed flights to Portland, which would either leave myself or my robot (in bagage) stranded in Chicago while my talk was going on.

I think that if I had another day and more time I would have been OK, but not leaving today and maybe arriving.

I was really looking forward to this conference. In fact I’ve been looking forward to it since I applied in March, I’ve built a robot just for the conference (Feynman-Mini). I’ll have to demo the robot in a few days and give a you tube talk about Robotics Programming 101 for those missing my talk.

I’m so sorry to everyone I will not be able to attend.

(Updated) In hind sight the call was correct, the flight was delayed and although I might have made the PDX flight my baggage would not have… Travel Note: Ship Robots ahead of time via UPS. Pick a larger carrier i.e. Delta.