How to make $10,000 in eBooks in 10 days.

I was reading this book called The $100 Start-Up. I was about 1/3rd the way through the book when I read this story about Brett Kelly who created an eBook called “Evernote Essentials“. I found the story great, but I was curious.

No place mentioned in the book or on the blogs was “how” he did it. Basically it was “if you build it, they will come.” Which immediately I was doubtful of the rest of the book. I was thinking, here we go again another bunch of recipes for how to succeed without telling you the “Real Secret” of success.

But I found a video interview of Brett, he seemed like a nice enough guy and he spilled the beans, it was able to get a spot on the Evernote Blog, and had a few of his famous friend bloggers mention his eBook. Without those two things the book would have made him a little extra cash, but not the $100,000 plus he’s made today.

I find that a lot when I read these books about how easy it is to make money by just creating digital content. I’m not entirely sure if the number they are saying are real or just made-up. I also know that without the blogging connections they have, which most of their readers don’t have, none of them would make anywhere near what they are espousing.

Links and referrals are the key. It’s still who you know, even in the Internet Age.