Giving Up Stuff

I am re-reading my book, The Power of Less, and have noticed for the past 5 days I have given up, hourly email checks, television, news, RSS, and all the other things that I waste my time doing when I’m back home. I am so relaxed.

It makes you think about all of the things you end up spending your time doing and then you wonder why do I say I never have the time? It’s just about focus, priority, and doing what matters vs. keeping myself busy for the sake of being busy.

I am writing now, but this is relaxing, I’m on my PC, but because of network access I don’t surf or checkout Facebook, I just go through the photos on my camera and post a blog or two, before going to take a nap, or a walk on the beach or reading some of the books I brought with.

Now giving up beer, I think that will have to wait until I return back to the states…