Continue to Struggle with Linux WebCam

I have some measured success. I was able to get a C program to work at capturing a frame from a webcam in both Java and Ruby, the big problem is is memory.

So I went back to JFM (Java Media Framework) but I am having all kinds of inconsistent issues. Sometimes it works with Groovy, sometimes it does not. I tried it working with straight Java and it’s in-consistent. It sucks that it takes so much effort just to get images I’d really like to do more than fight with device drivers and the basics of frame grabbing, but here I am…

Updated 8/18 @9:38

I am going to stick with my original C implementation, though it has a memory leak right now, it will be easier to manage than trying to muddle through the unsupported JMF.

Updated 8/18 @11:34

I now have a copy of the JMF source. I have a feeling this will be all I need to now get everything working… Plus a C primer or two…