CodeMash 2010 – Refactoring The Programmer

Presented By Joe O’Brien

Another great talk by Joe, The theme of this talk was how to improve your career as a programmer if you are finding that you hate/dislike what you are doing. I was fortunate to get a 2nd shot at this talk since it was packed in yesterday’s session.

Joe gave a number of personal examples about what inspired passion from his own career from sales rep to Java programmer, to now business owner and Ruby evangelist.

What I found amazing about this talk was the attendance, I mean Joe always has a nice turn-out but the number of people that are not liking their jobs is at an all-time high. You couple this with recent job satisfaction surveys and there’s something to people not liking their jobs even if it’s in a career that’s full of excitement and opportunity. I will have to write more about this in another post.