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South Africa Day 21 – The Blaauwklippen Winery

Today we just went to a wine farm for some tasting and lunch. It was very very very nice. The name of the farm is Blaauwklippen Vinyards. The winery has been around since 1682 and they are known for their reds. Our favorite was a 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon. There was also this nice guy, Wayne that had good knowledge of all the wines and was pleasant to talk to during our tasting.

For lunch we had the Cape Curry with a glass of the 2005 Malbec. This was also quite nice since the weather was in the upper 70s and the sky was blue blue with a light breeze. Overall a perfect day.

As a side note, I even got replacement contacts at the mall, with no Dr. Visit, no Exam, I just took my empty case to the mall and for $30, six new contacts.

South Africa Day 20 – Back In Strand

We arrived back about 3:30pm after a nice drive through the mountains. Once again we stopped for lunch but this place was not worth mentioning…

I think as we traveled back one thing that really stood out was the diversity of geography of the Southern Party of South Africa. It’s very much like a mix between Oregon, California and Arizona.

South Africa Day 19 – Leaving Addo

This morning we left Addo. I did not see Lion, Hyena, Buffalo but I did see lots of Elephant, Warthog, and Kudu. Actually I’ve seen 4 of the Big 5, Lion, Rhino, Elephant, and Buffalo in the wild but I have not seen Leopard.

To all those traveling to South Africa, pay for a private game farm, where they will guarantee you will see the Big 5.

On the way back we stopped at this really nice little coffee shop called Sophie’s Choice. It had great food and a really nice atmosphere.

South Africa Day 17 – Addo, Waking Up To Elephants

This morning was nice, we were sitting having some coffee on the stoop and we saw three elephants walk by. No need for coffee because they were so close and the adrenaline had us wide awake as we hunted for our camera, video camera, and binoculars.

I also think I am starting to get my “game eyes�. This is a made up word for the ability to spot game in the bush. I did not have it yesterday, as it took me forever to spot the animals.

In the evening we went on a game ride, we did not see much, actually we saw more in the Jeep in the afternoon.

Plagued By Vista Crashes

I love my Dell E6400, but under Vista it’s been giving me fits.

It’s either my video driver, the Vodacom phone driver or both. I have not had a crash free day after installing the data card. It makes me wonder about Windows7’s stability. I think that it is going to be largely dependent on hardware manufacturers to make their drivers compatible with Windows7, not the OS itself.

South Africa Day 16 – To Addo Elephant Park

We slept in a little this morning, we were in no big rush to get to Addo because check-in time was going to be the afternoon and it was only an hour or so drive from Port Elizabeth.

After we arrived at hour chalet and we unpacked, we went for a short game drive. The first part of the trip we saw Wart Hog, Eland, and Kudu. The second part was filled with large game. Three elephants and one water buffalo and a wildebeest .

We also saw a stupid European tourist, get out of his car and want to take a picture with the elephants. This is VERY DANGEROUS because one, it’s evening and time for feeding, and second because the park has Lions, and third because we were right next to all kinds of bush which were perfect ambush spots. We even had an elephant sneek up on us (left), imagine what a lion would have done if it had been around and been hungry… Euro-Lunch…

Dinner was not too good. For those of you ever traveling to Addo Elephant Park, please don’t eat at the restaurant. The chalets are self-catering, so stop in town at a Pick-N-Pay get a few days of food and bring your own.

South Africa Day 15 – To Port Elizabeth

After breakfast we headed out on the third leg of our Garden Route trip. We stopped at the beach at Plettenberg Bay. We walked a little and stopped to take some pictures of some surfers.

Down the road a bit we stopped at Storms River Mouth in the Tsitsikamma Forest for a short hike to a suspension bridge. The views and ocean are nothing short of amazing. There is something about a combination of ocean and mountains that relax and amaze. (I’m the guy in the green shirt in the middle of the bridge).

Next we had a short drive to PE (Port Elizabeth) where we checked into to our hotel. We were up for some steaks, so we had to hunt for a Cattle Barren restaurant, eventually about 9PM we found the place on the other side of town from the beach road where we started our trip.

South Africa Day 14 – To Knysna

Our second leg of our trip was down the garden route to Knysna, pronounced “Nise-Ner�. On the way we stopped by some cliffs to watch some para-gliders, glide, take-off, and land. It was amazing to see these gliders take off and land by the cliffs.

Once we made it to town, we stopped at the waterfront docks and had lunch. There were lots of sailboats docked out in the bay/lagoon/lake. We sat there watching them come in and go out over some local wine.
After the ladies were done shopping we drove to the hotel for a short nap then a trip to “The Heads� for some dinner.