Business Books – In A Nutshell

After reading my 100th or so business book I’ve come to the following conclusion, they all basically say 4 of these 5 points:


  1. Pick an Audience
    1. This can be any audience, pick one that don’t annoy you or will grow tired of.
    2. You have a reach to this audience via some amount (%). If you don’t have reach, figure out your reach. These are your prospects.
    3. That % either cost you time or money or both.
    4. Pick one that minimizes each or both.
  2. Pick a problem (what people really want)
    1. This problem will be felt by a % of the audience and similar % of your reach but these numbers are not the same.
    2. People want More (love, money, acceptance, free time, etc.)
    3. People want Less (stress, conflict, hassle, uncertainty, etc.)
    4. Provide value (aka helping people) what can you add to or remove from someone’s life and then get paid.
  3. Try to sell the solution (product or service)
    1. This solution will hit with a % of the people that have the problem that you can reach.
    2. Your sale will have a interval of time between first contact and completion, pick one that you can scale, and that falls within your time-line.
    3. The people that purchase are the end of your funnel and relative to other businesses selling the same/similar solutions to the problem, that’s your market share.
    4. The solution often takes the form of a belief, I believe X can give me MORE X, or LESS Y. See #2.
  4. Build the solution
    1. This cost less and saves time to build second and sell first.
    2. If the cost to reach the customers at the top of your funnel is less than you make per sale, then you have a business, continue.
  5. Refine the solution & communicate to customers until efficient
    1. This is making more money, by maximizing conversion rates and increasing the size of your funnels to achieve maximum efficiency.
    2. Measure what you want but don’t spend too much time measuring (See Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle).

Trust me any book you purchase will tell you 4 of these 5 things, leaving you wanting more, and thus purchasing more books. Save yourself some time and money and know this before purchasing anything else.