Build Your Own PHP Framework – 2nd Edition

I just released a copy of the 2nd Edition of Build Your Own PHP Framework. This book has a lot more examples and the source is hosted on GitHub.

You can purchase the 58 page PDF from, or on Amazon.Com for your Kindle.

The 2nd edition has the following additional content:

More To Read – You will notice this edition will be more thanTWICE the size of the original book.

More Examples – Each chapter will show you working examples as well as how to use the example on the sample CMS (Content Management System) being built throughout the book.

More Code – Each chapter will show you the exact code of the framework vs. snippets in v1.

More Details – I’ve included a lot more detail around “Why” you do things.

Bonus Material – When you purchase the book you’ll get a custom code for accessing bonus content!