Books are not what they use to be.

I’ve struggled to put together a book idea into a coherent logical sequence. Something like:

  • here’s the overall pattern/theme
  • part 1 of pattern
  • part 2 of pattern
  • part 1 connects to part 2 like this but not like that
  • summary of the pattern

But I’ve noticed as I am reading (very popular books) that the books have a basic title and a coherent table of contents, but there’s very little beauty in how the book is put together or woven from one topic to the next. The books are more-or-less, just a loosely connected collection of thoughts, connected by a table of contents and a title.

I’ve purchased and read a lot of books now that I have Kindle for the iPad and I’m thinking that maybe I’ve been trying too hard, the bar has been lowered… Sad.. Glad…