Basketball, OSU vs. Florida

Well, here are are again. We find ourselves facing Florida, the defending national champion with all starters returning and referee's anxious to call a foul on Greg Oden…

I will not predict the winner of the game, but I will predict the following:

  • Noah will cry like a baby and then cuss when he does not get his way.
  • Noah will beat his chest like a sissy.
  • Florida will be uncanny at hitting 3 point shots.
  • Oden will get called for the dumbest foul yet in the tourney and be sitting with 2 fouls 10 minutes into the first half.
  • Connelly will somehow keep the game close by making great decisions and the team will remain close and within striking distance because of ferocious DEFENSE.
  • Ohio State will have a chance to win the game with 5 minutes left in the game.
  • One of the points above will be "game changing" in the last 5 minutes and that will decide the game…

p.s. Michigan still sucks!


The lack of the 3 point shot, and the lack of 3 point defense. I was right… Again…