A Million Details

I was reading another post by Seth Godin and I’ve also been re-reading books about 80-20/Pareto! The thought that is occurring to me is the balance between a million little details and the vital few.

You see the Mexican Restaurant that Seth talks about does a buch of tiny things that are NOT readily apparent 80/20 efficient. For example the 14 different kinds of salsa, scream 80-20 optimization. I bet that most people only get 3-4 salsas, yet as soon as you take-away 10 varieties, you lessen the experience.

So if you’re out there and are looking for a recipe for a successful business I’m thinking that there’s not so much a perfect equation but rather there’s a million little details you’ll need to work on that you’ll need to rigorously refine until you get to the vital few that make you a success.