A Business Take Time

I’ve mentioned before I’ve had a bunch of different projects I’ve launched, none of which are alive today. Why?

I think every project I had a certain time-frame for success, IMMEDIATE, or 1-WEEK.

Then when it did not meet certain success criteria I would give-up, stop working on the project, or withdraw the project from the world, then repeat the same process with a new project.

What I realized this morning when I woke up was that every successful business that I read about that happens over-night, actually started in some shape or form 18 months before. That’s a year and a half of refinement, tweaking, testing, modifying, adjusting to the market.

So the product that’s there 18 months plus, is rarely the same product that was there at the beginning, more-over it was the constant tuning that got it there.


  1. Do something you’re passionate about because 18 months will be very long if you don’t like what you’re doing.
  2. Try to sell it before you build it, use adwords, blog post, other landing pages to qualify your market.
  3. Create your business model, i.e. how you will make money, how many sales you need per month, per day, what your estimated conversions will be, etc.
  4. Start off with a MVP (minimum viable product) to get it out there.
  5. Start measuring, start tweaking, increase visits, increase conversion.
  6. Wait 18-24 months, doing number 5.
  7. Retire Rich.

I think I’m going to create a book, called 18 months to Retirement.